Inside [Lingual] Fixed Braces

Professor Johal uses a range of these inside fixed braces, which include Incognito,© and MTM,© and they can be are either custom-made or chairside-made.

They work on the same principle of outside traditional fixed braces and use a series of wires to straighten the teeth, in a gradual, controlled and progressive manner.

Such inside [lingual] braces have been successfully used to treat thousands of patients world-wide and require a high level of skill.

Professor Johal reports these braces offer the most OPTIAML cosmetic solution, being truly invisible. However, it is important to recognise they are not suited to all patients and their bites but offer greater control over individual tooth movements than the removable aligners and as such are more versatile in the type of tooth movements that can be achieved. Professor Johal limits their use in the bottom jaw to situations in which just the front bottom teeth need straightening. In situations where the whole lower jaw requires treatment, then Professor Johal avoids these braces for 2 principle reasons firstly, they are immediately visible on mouth opening, which defeats the object of choosing an invisible brace. Secondly, the can be very uncomfortable to the tongue, with consequent negative speech and eating implications. Used on the inside of the top jaw and bottom front teeth, they are associated with minimal discomfort and rubbing but can affect speech slightly whilst the patient learns to adapt to them [1-5 days].

Shown in the pictures below is a patient smiling, wearing such a brace! Visit the Incognito website  and watch the video below for further information: