Braces for Teenagers.

Brace treatment is typically undertaken, with fixed braces, in children when the majority of their second [permanent] teeth are in place. This is regarded as the optimal age for treatment, as the teeth and their supporting bones are still growing. Such treatment offers a number of advantages:

  1. Functional braces are typically used in this growing population of children to reduce bullying related to the appearance of sticking out top front teeth. This type of brace treatment aims to encourage the lower jaw to grow forward and the teeth to tip towards one another. These functional braces can be either removable [blocks] or fixed to teeth. Professor Johal has particular expertise in both and feels that the fixed option can be more readily tolerated by children, amongst other their other advantages over the removable blocks. However, a greater degree of care is needed with the fixed version, to avoid damage. 

  2. Correct the bite so that both the front and back teeth meet together, to make chewing easier and more efficient.

  3. Reduce the likelihood of permanent damage to top teeth that stick out

teenager side.jpg

Prominent top teeth with lower jaw set-back


Fixed Functional Brace

block brace.jpg

Removable Functional Block Brace


Post treatment results