The Benefits of undergoing Orthodontic treatment

There are numerous benefits to undergoing brace treatment during early childhood [in some well- defined instances], teenage years and as an adult and they include:

Early brace treatment

This usually entails a short-course [6-months] of brace treatment, which is typically undertaken using a removable braces: Examples of instances where this is undertaken include:

  1. Help correct a reverse bite (where the bottom teeth bite ahead of the top teeth). This can in turn provide a number of benefits: improves both the appearance of the jaw and teeth; corrects the bite making it more comfortable, minimises the risk of tooth wear and gum damage.

  2. A functional brace Reduce bullying related to the appearance of sticking out top teeth .

  3. Help digit or thumb-sucking behaviour. Thus minimising the negative effects on the teeth and bite caused by such habits.

before and after 1.jpg

Reverse bite correction

benefit 2.jpg

Thumb-sucking behaviour prevention